Hey you,

It’s me, Wine. I was just sitting here, letting myself breathe, thinking about all the great times we’ve had together.  Of course, there’s no need to throw a label on us, but if we did, it would read, “Uncomplicated”, in a whimsical yet classy font.  You get me, all my subtle undertones and aromas, and I get you to say interesting things like, “subtle undertones and aromas”. Countless times you've lifted me up and, in return, I like to think I’ve made you feel confident, fun, and relaxed.

We know we’re free to explore our options (go ahead, get that beer at the baseball game) because what we have is always safe and sound. I’m not going to pressure you into dancing on a table (ahem, tequila) or roundhouse kick your brain the next day (again, tequila). You know I’m reliable, and when you get home from that bad date, I’ll comfort you into a cozy sleep on the couch.  Our bond doesn’t fade over time and we quickly fall back to our familiar state of laughing loudly over brunch at that time we snuck onto the roof and…well, you know the story.



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